Paris etc…..

“Paris – is always a good idea” – Audrey Hepburn.

And so last year we introduced our two very lucky boys to the delights of Paris. This combined with visiting wonderful family and friends in the UK we  had a truly amazing adventure.

I really always do marvel at the barriers that children break down when travelling; from the kind gentleman who sat and played chess with James in the Luxembourg Gardens and gently taught him a thing or two about how to really play it,   the snooty french waiter who couldn’t help but smile at my 6 year old’s attempts at french – saying “mousy” instead of merci, to the boys making friends with kids of all nationalities in the transit lounges of airports with parents sharing tired smiles with each other.

I loved seeing my husband take the boys on a special walk through the fields and country lanes of his childhood, sharing his memories and making even more.

So I hope you enjoy my modern day version of a “slide night” and a little peep into some of my favourite parts of our trip.