the newborn edition {Macedon Ranges newborn photographer}

Meet Lewis, he is one lucky little guy.

His mamma is one of the most inspirational women I have met. Last year she decided with the support of her lovely husband and family to follow her dreams and start up her own magazine.

It definitely wasn’t easy. The publishing industry is notoriously tough and it’s not cheap to produce a top quality magazine (printed on premium environmentally friendly paper no less!). It’s also most definitely not easy knocking on peoples doors asking if they will advertise in a magazine they have never seen before, to trust you.

She had many people telling her that she couldn’t do it, that she was either crazy or stupid (or both) to think she could make it work.

Well, she did it!

She has just put out her 2nd edition of the Macedon Ranges Magazine and almost simultaneously has also given birth to her beautiful and probably proudest edition – baby Lewis.

So Lewis has been born into a family where anything is possible and with love and support dreams really can come true.

Sarah, thank you for letting me share in your journey – it has been such a privilege.

Kim xxx

Oh and p.s – the new edition of the Macedon Ranges Magazine is out now! So go and buy a copy or advertise in her beautiful magazine – she has an extra mouth to feed now don’t you know!!!