Trust me I am a photographer….. – Melbourne Engagement Photography

“Trust me” I said to Tracey and Geordie. “Love it up for the camera – it’s not as if we are going to see anyone you know”.  Hmmmmmm……. 15 minutes later after convincing them to kiss in the middle of Hosier Lane, Geordie and Tracey were completely sprung by friends who were having lunch at Movida.  Whooooooops!

Luckily for me they didn’t let that that faze them too much.

I had such a fabulous time exploring the laneways of Melbourne with these two on a cold winters day. It was such a nice change for me, and I was so excited about the variety of locations we got to experiment with. Hence the mammoth post!!

Thank you Miss McKekkers and Geordie for trusting me with your engagement photos and I can’t wait to share your wedding day!

Kim xx