It’s a boy! Jasper Andrew Selby

Happy New Year everyone!! I just wanted to do a quick post and share my wonderful Christmas present – Jasper!
He arrived on December the 23rd weighing 6lbs 6oz – which was rather surprising as I looked huge so unfortunately for me that means I had one to many ice creams!!
James was very excited about the arrival of his little brother (although poor Jasper did play second fiddle to Santa who was MUCH more exciting!).
We are totally besotted with our little man, who is feeding and sleeping like a champion. Long may that continue!
Thank you to the fantastic Dr Peter Jurcevic and the wonderful staff at Frances Perry who did an amazing job and looked after us incredibly well – especially at such a busy time of year.
Also to our wonderful friends and family for their love and support. My Mum and Dad were especially amazing looking after a very busy James, and still finding the time to bring in a seafood platter on Christmas Day to me in the hospital.
Lastly my husband Mike, who I happen to think is the kindest, best husband in the world (alright I may be biased – but he is!).
OK signing off here before these hormones get the better of me and I keep gushing!!!
Love you all!!!!!!!! K xxxxxxxxxxx
PS – More photos to follow – am dying to practice some newborn photography on my little man, but a certain 3 year old is proving to be a difficult assistant!